• Responsive Design

    We design sites that are both beautiful & functional. Your new website will look great on every modern device.
  • Content Management System (CMS)

    Need control of your site’s content? No problem! We design sites utilizing the most popular CMS in the world, WordPress. Our team can design a back-end user experience that is specific to your needs and easy to navigate to help you keep your site’s content relevant and fresh!
  • Thoughtful Design

    A well thought out design is crucial to the user experience. First impressions are huge and at Illumina we take the image of your company seriously. Our designs are clean, simple to navigate and quick to load.
  • Modern Techniques

    We keep our finger on the pulse of coding standards. Using modern HTML5 coding techniques, your site will not only look great but will be compliant with today’s code standards.

Search EngineOptimization (SEO)

Getting search engines to find your site started with on-page optimization. In simple terms, optimizing your website was simply making it appealing to search engines. These practices are still applicable today but they have expanded and the importance of each has changed. Our optimization services go beyond the standard practices to improve your ranking and ultimately drive more relevant traffic to your site.

  • Meta data and header tags that are specific to that pages content
  • Good Site Map
  • Quality page content that includes your keywords or phrases
  • Use of header tags (h1, h2, h3) to emphasize page content
  • Responsive site design
  • On-site content optimization

Effective Website Marketing

An effective internet marketing program that gives you the best opportunity to grow your company through the internet is a multi-faceted campaign. An internet marketing campaign is comprehensive and requires constant monitoring, creation and posting.

Here are some facts you should be aware of in planning your internet marketing campaign.

  • 81% of every purchase in the U.S. is researched on the internet before any other action is taken by the consumer.
  • 98% of search engine users never leave page 1 of their search results.
  • 87% of all searchers skip the paid ads.

So how do you take advantage of this internet thing? The key is search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing. When a potential client searches for a product or service they enter what they are looking for and the search engine picks out the most relevant content results. This is called organic search.

Our internet marketing campaign paired with our SEO practices help to improve your search engine relevance and visibility.